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Aug01 Coming Together, Part 2

AG Bell events bring the Listening and Spoken Language community together in a common dialogue. As a lover of history, I saw a historical parallel at the convention with hundreds of people flocking toward a southwestern state to discover the latest in listening and spoken language.
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Jul30 Coming Together - 2018 Convention, Part I

The 2018 AG Bell Convention ignited innovation in all of our attendees, presenters, awardees and advocates engaging industry experts, families and educators. Each day gave us the chance to create priceless memories, build on long-lasting relationships and continue our work to change lives.
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Jun15 National Children’s Day and National Father’s Day

We are in the final stages of preparing for the Convention. As you can see from the staff photo below of us at the conference table in the Volta Bureau, we are hard at work ensuring the Convention is informative for the whole family! I look forward to seeing you all there.
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Jun08 National “Save Your Hearing Day”

Since May was Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM), we conducted an extraordinarily successful digital marketing campaign to raise awareness about the potential of individuals with hearing loss. It is no coincidence BHSM ends on “National Save Your Hearing Day.” While an origin of the celebration was not found, its mission nevertheless remains pertinent since one-in-six babies out of 1,000 nationwide are born deaf or hard of hearing.
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May23 Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM)

AG Bell is privileged once again to join the world in celebrating and highlighting important news to identify the causes and solutions accessible to individuals with hearing loss. This year, AG Bell launched an awareness  campaign  energizing the deaf and hard of hearing community to share stories and unique life experiences with hearing loss.
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May11 Mother's Day

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and as it approaches, I turn my eye towards all mothers especially those unsung heroes who dedicate countless hours on their child’s journey towards achieving listening and spoken language. As Robert Lowell wrote in  Returning  (1973), “no one like one’s mother ever lived.”
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Apr27 National Internship Awareness Week

Closing out April is more awareness – this time, highlighting the young and talented individuals whose efforts keep the office humming. Internships are great opportunities to teach and share information with someone ready to start their career as well as provide employment training and strengthen “soft skills” critical to success in the modern world. For this National Internship Awareness Week, organized by the Career Edge Organization, I want to spotlight the outstanding efforts of our intern...
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Apr18 Celebrating Milestones As We Plan Ahead

Emilio Alonso-Mendoza (AG Bell Chief Executive Officer), Marina Alonso-Mendoza (CFO - NASAA), Marta J iménez , Miguel de las Casas (Senior Economist - IMF), Ben Gerrard, Joseph Brady (CEO - NASAA)
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Apr06 National Public Health Awareness Week

  April is a month of awareness about health – physical, emotional, psychological – and harnessing that recognition into positive change towards a healthier nation. This week, we are proud to join the  American Public Health Association (APHA) in celebrating  National Public Health Awareness Week (N.P.H.A...
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Mar28 Four Conventions and A Gala

Spring - for most people - begins with pre-season sports training, purging the house of winter dust or noticing the buds on trees start to sprout. For me, this spring  began  with conventions throughout North and Central America. It was an honor to meet, discuss and exchange knowledge about hearing health with the top health professionals from around the world.
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