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Feb23 Celebrating Black History Month: James West

As Americans know, February is Black History Month. We take this time to remember exceptional African-Americans who contributed immensely to American culture and history. Today, I spotlight Mr. James West and his revolutionary work in the field of audiology. His work is paramount to AG Bell's efforts - without him, much of what we do would be impossible.
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Feb16 Unbreakable In The Face of Tragedy

My heart, thoughts, and prayers - everything goes out to the victims, the victims' families, the survivors, the survivors' families, and the community.
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Jan26 The Spirit of Partnership

Congratulations to Jonathan Berger on his recent acceptance to the United States Supreme Court Bar Association.
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Dec28 Wishing You Happy Holidays!

It is my honor and my pleasure to wish you joy throughout the holidays and into the New Year. 
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Dec18 Remembering the Past and Looking to the Future

Today, I write to celebrate the life of Linda Fellendorf. Her bilateral profound congenital deafness diagnosis at age two transformed her life and the rest of the family.
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Nov03 Giving Thanks to AG Bell

  One of the best things I've learned serving our community is how precious communication is and how many different forms it can take.
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Sep01 The Value of Volunteerism: Making an Impact Beyond the Community

The value and benefits of volunteerism and its reach allow us to live happier, more fulfilling lives. Not only does it make a huge impact on our communities, but it also increases the quality of our lives.
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Aug11 Celebrating 21 years of Leadership Opportunities for Teens

Since 1996, more than 440 young people who are deaf and hard of hearing from the U.S. and around the world have attended AG Bell's Leadership Opportunities for Teens (LOFT) Program. 
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Dec07 Being the Only Student with a Hearing Loss

My life as the only student who is hard of hearing in my school can sometimes feel like a bottomless pit of confusion. It is not always that bad, but it is a struggle. I miss a lot of sounds. I often don’t even know if I have missed a sound, sometimes at my own expense. My life at school is defined by what I hear, what I don’t hear and how I learn to cope with the differences.
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Dec06 How Does Julie Hear?

Julie seems like any other high school senior. She's stressing over college applications, wishing it was still summer, and planning her next drive with her new license in hand. Julie takes a break from it all to sit down with Hearing Our Way magazine and chat about school, life, and hearing!
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