Hearing and its Interaction with Hearing Technology:

Presentations and Research Proceedings


Keynote speakers featured in the 2020 AG Bell Global LSL Virtual Symposium – Drs. Kara Schvartz-Leyzac, Lina Reiss, Linda J. Hood and Lisa Davidson – provided a discussion on their research to nearly 900 virtual attendees. Their individual research focuses on specific areas of device use and effectiveness, but their collective knowledge provided even the most experienced professional new insight into aspects of device use that can be easily overlooked. Topics included cochlear implants and auditory-nerve health, binaural fusion, auditory neuropathy, and acoustic hearing.


AG Bell has received grant support for its research symposia from the National Institutes of Health to feature esteemed scientists in the field of hearing health research and auditory science. Presenters featured in the 2020 Symposium were supported by the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, National Institutes of Health.

Presentations and Proceedings

2020 AG Bell Global Virtual LSL Symposium


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