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    for children with hearing loss

Whether you are a parent who has just learned that your child has hearing loss, or you are a young person with hearing loss yourself, there are many others in our community like you. We are here to provide support, information, resources and more to help guide you on your journey. Welcome to AG Bell.

Children with Hearing Loss Can Hear and Talk

When children are identified early, receive hearing technology and family-centered support, they can develop language on par with their peers. Learn more about the options and next steps following a hearing loss diagnosis.

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You Are Not Alone

The families and professionals who make up the hearing loss community are eager to share advice, answer questions and provide support. Connect with this caring community through local chapters where you live, in-person events and social media.

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Resources to Empower Your Family

Get to know the people, news and resources that can provide invaluable assistance during your family's journey, and learn to navigate the world of legislative rights and advocacy. Together, we can speak up to ensure your rights are protected and that you have access to the services your child needs.

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A Legacy of Sound

In keeping with Dr. Alexander Graham Bell's commitment to helping children with hearing loss learn to speak, AG Bell is a trusted global champion for children who are deaf and hard of hearing and their families who seek a comforting, knowledgeable guide to help them navigate the world with hearing loss. Learn more about our history and mission and how you can give to support our work.

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The Spirit of Partnership

Congratulations to Jonathan Berger on his recent acceptance to the United States Supreme Court Bar Association.

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Unbreakable In The Face of Tragedy

My heart, thoughts, and prayers - everything goes out to the victims, the victims' families, the survivors, the survivors' families, and the community.

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AG Bell Announces Chapter Awards and 2018 Chapter Leaders

The Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (AG Bell) today announced its 2017 chapter award recipients and 2018 chapter presidents.

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