AG Bell Announces 2016 Award Recipients, New Awards

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Friday, February 5, 2016
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AG Bell Announces 2016 Award Recipients, New Awards

The Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (AG Bell) is pleased to announce the award recipients for three prestigious awards of which two are new awards. Award recipients are Judith Simser (AG Bell Presidential Award of Recognition); Warren Estabrooks (AG Bell Award for International Service); and Kathleen Treni (AG Bell Honors of the Association).

AG Bell Presidential Award of Recognition - Judith Simser
This new award recognizes and honors individuals and organizations whose work serves as an inspiration and model to the field for their service, leadership and contributions that benefit people who are deaf and hard of hearing who are pursuing a listening and spoken language outcome.

Judith Simser, O.Ont., B.Ed., Dip. Ed. Deaf, LSLS Cert AVT, is an internationally acclaimed speaker and consultant on the education of children with hearing impairment who is credited with establishing therapist and parent teaching programs in auditory-verbal therapy in Canada, Taiwan and Singapore. Read more about Judith's work in this week's Speaking from the Volta Bureau.

AG Bell Award for International Service - Warren Estabrooks
This new award is given to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding and sustained accomplishments in international service by advancing listening and spoken language, promoting the Listening and Spoken Language Specialist (LSLS®) certification, improving the delivery of services, and/or advocating for the rights of people with hearing loss around the world.

Warren Estabrooks, M.Ed., Dip. Ed. Deaf, LSLS Cert. AVT, is the president and CEO of WE Listen International, Inc., a global training and consulting company, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. As a global consultant and professional trainer, he provides professional services in auditory-verbal therapy and practice, auditory rehabilitation and auditory learning for children and adults with hearing loss, their families, and practitioners and related health care providers who serve them. Estabrooks has made significant contributions to the literature, including most recently editing AG Bell's 101 FAQs About Auditory-Verbal Practice (2012) and Plural's Auditory-Verbal Therapy for Young Children with Hearing Loss and Their Families, and the Practitioners Who Guide Them (2016)

AG Bell Honors of the Association - Kathleen Treni
This award is given to an outstanding person who is involved with people with hearing loss and is recognized by the AG Bell Association.

Kathleen Treni, M.Ed., M.A., was the president of AG Bell from 2010-2012 and has been a member of the association for 42 years. She often credits her dedication to the listening and spoken language model in her program to her own experience in 1992 when she received a cochlear implant. In November of 2004, she received her second cochlear implant and now listens bilaterally. As the principal of the Communication Skills Continuum for the Bergen County, New Jersey, Special Services District, Treni uses her education, experiences and insight to create a model program that demonstrates best practices in deaf education. Join AG Bell in congratulating these dedicated professionals!

Click here to read the press release.

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British Magazine Features Article by AG Bell Academy President

In the magazine, British Association for Teachers of the Deaf, Teri Ouellette, AG Bell Academy president and president of St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf, gives an overview of the AG Bell Academy and how Listening and Spoken Language Specialist (LSLS®) certification can help to set professional standards in the field of listening and spoken language. Click here to read the magazine and learn more about LSLS in Teri Ouellette's article.

Cochlear Implant University Study Deadline Approaching!

High school and college students with cochlear implants and parents of students who are in high school or college, and not necessarily the parents of students in the study, are invited to participate in a research study to help evaluate Cochlear Implant University (CIU) which is an interactive, self-advocacy, skills-building online resource. The deadline to enroll is February 29.

Chapter leaders: KDH Research & Communication (KDHRC) the firm conducting this research, will offer a $500 gift to the AG Bell chapter that enrolls the most participants in the study. For more information about CIU study participation and the chapter gift read the article in Volta Voices Online.

Learn New Skills, Meet New Friends, Make Memories This Summer at LOFT

Each summer, the Leadership Opportunities for Teens (LOFT) program brings together teens from across the country who are deaf and hard of hearing. LOFT helps teens develop or strengthen skills in individual leadership, teamwork, group dynamics, public speaking and self-advocacy. Teens also build connections, respect and camaraderie with other teens who share a common bond. This is a great opportunity for high school and college-bound teens interested in an enlightening and confidence-building experience away from home with their peers. Two sessions are being planned, both in Denver, Colorado this summer. The deadline to apply for LOFT is March 18. Scholarships are also available for families with financial constraints. Click here to apply now and learn more about LOFT.

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2016 AG Bell Convention - Registration Open!

Let's Hear in Denver! Join us June 30 - July 3 for the 2016 AG Bell Convention. Online registration is now open! The registration brochure is now available on the website as a PDF or digital flipbook. Let's #HearInDenver at #AGBell2016 There are three ways to register: 

Questionnaire: Perspectives of LENA™ as an Early Intervention Tool

Are you a professional who has experience using the LENA™ system with children who are deaf or hard of hearing? Or, are you a parent/caregiver of a child who is deaf or hard of hearing who has experience using the LENA™ system? If so, graduate clinicians of the Speech-Language Pathology department of Fontbonne University are inviting you to participate in a study about your perspectives regarding LENA™ as an early language intervention tool. With this study, the clinicians hope to learn about the benefits and challenges of using this technology throughout services. Professionals, click here to learn more and for the questionnaire. Parents/caretakers click here to learn more and for the questionnaire. Please respond by February 15. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Susan Lenihan at [email protected] or 314-889-1461.

Advocacy in Action: Hearing Health in the 114th Congress

In the most recent Volta Voices magazine AG Bell provides an update on the fall 2015 congressional agenda, its impact on hearing health and AG Bell's advocacy efforts in that regard. Also, we meet PAC Chair Bruce Goldstein. Click here to read more.

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